Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings

Save On Utilities
No other home can reduce your monthly energy / utility costs like one of Turtle Creek’s new concrete homes. Turtle Creek homes are all-electric, so you won’t get any gas bills.
No exterior painting required and virtually maintenance free.
Termite Resistant
These new concrete homes are termite resistant. The concrete slab foundation and concrete exterior wall system do not provide the opportunity for termites to nest.

Energy Efficiency

  • Rigid polystyrene insulation increases energy efficiency.
  • Low heat transfer rate of concrete keeps temperatures even throughout the home.
  • All homes are constructed to meet the requirements for Coast Electric’s Comfort Advantage Plus New Home Program.

Health & Comfort

  • Virtually termite-free.
  • Prevents mold and mildew.
  • No pollutants which can lead to allergic reaction, headaches or upper respiratory disease.
  • Eliminates excessive air leaks, vapor permeation and pest infestation.
  • Highly absorbent materials form a natural sound barrier, creating quieter environment. (85% quieter than interiors resulting from wood frame construction)

Save on Home Insurance

Because of how they’re built, Turtle Creek new concrete homes proudly offer home owners a MS semi wind resistive rating which means your monthly insurance costs could be as low as $80!

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