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Living in Gulfport, MS Combines Luxury with Affordability

Living in Gulfport, MS Combines Luxury with Affordability

If by chance you have little knowledge of the wonderful city of Gulfport, Mississippi; You may be missing out on a place that can afford you a better overall lifestyle. The area is full of life with great weather, friendly neighbors, and many amenities that prove you can live in luxury without all the extra cost.

20667296_mlLiving in Gulfport is earning quite the buzz recently, with the price of homes new and old coming in much lower than the national average. What is interesting and perhaps sets this city apart from others, is that it is a beach-side town offering new construction with resort-like offerings for half of what one would spend trying to match the lifestyle elsewhere in the country.

Mild winters are just one reason that so many people flock to Gulfport.  But, they also are attracted to the fantastic fishing opportunities! There is something to be said about living close to the sea where you can obtain fresh seafood and prepare just as you wish. Think of the millions of people that reside inland that will never get to experience that opportunity and how many fun Gulf coast adventures you could take your children on to make lasting memories.

Golfing is yet another wonderful treat you can dive into living in Mississippi. There are several courses to choose from, some constructed close to the coast, providing a cool ocean breeze and picturesque views while you golf. The coastline breezes make it an acceptable sport to engage in even in the hotter, summer months.

After you have played in the sunshine all summer long, it is time to regroup and take in the gorgeous sites of the city changing into the fall season. You soon come to realize why Gulfport is gaining fame when fall ends and winter quickly approaches with little changes in temperatures. You definitely do not exert yourself shoveling snow in Mississippi, and you can still have morning walks and even dine outside with a picnic in the winter months.

Homes are affordable in Gulfport and the towns still possess that Southern mentality that gives it some added sparkle.

It is not uncommon to know your neighbors, and see children building friendships on their community streets just as things were decades ago. There are also several educational and historical venues to visit with your family, as well as dining on fresh, local produce and seafood selections found all over the city. Gulfport clearly has it all, city nightlife, but still close to the beach to slow down and relax and all for prices everyone can manage.

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