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Cost Of A New Concrete Home

The cost of a new concrete home varies depending upon the location, size and features desired for the structure. With that being said, there are concrete homes that are affordable to the average home buyer. For example, you can buy a brand new concrete home in Mississippi for under $130,000!

Concrete Home InteriorThese homes are affordable and offer luxuries that you will find in a stick built home. These luxuries may include and are not limited to stainless steel appliances, multiple bathrooms, garage, vaulted ceilings and more. In fact, you may not notice at all that you are actually living in one of the safest homes built in the South East as concrete homes can withstand up to category 5 hurricane force winds.

The reason that the cost of concrete built homes are affordable has to do with the way they are built. Many of the homes have the walls built offsite and trucked to the building site. This allows for quality control when the high-pressure cement walls are poured and it allows for quick construction as the walls arrive complete and ready to erect.

The final stages of finishing a concrete home include adding drywall and internal/external paint. Most of the time you will rarely notice any difference between a wood framed home and a concrete built house.

Costs of a Concrete Home Remains Affordable

Additionally, the cost of a new concrete home does not end upon purchase. Affordability extends throughout the life of the concrete house. Insurance costs can be some of the lowest you will experience. Since concrete will not burn and it is strong enough to withstand the strongest winds, you will be amazed at your insurance premium.

Finally, concrete homes that are built properly will be resistant to pests, quiet and offer very little maintenance in its lifetime.

To find new concrete homes in Mississippi, view our current homes and available home-sites.

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