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Think of Mississippi for your New Home

Think of Mississippi for your New Home

Affordable New Homes in Mississippi

These concrete homes can withstand what Mother Nature can throw at them, hurricane 5 force winds are no match for the concrete home!

These robust new homes for sale are very much affordable by the average working person.  In fact, they are also affordable to retirees who wish to relocate to Gulfport.  You will not believe the appearance and “feel” of these new concrete homes.  Many times people will say “I never would have thought these are made from concrete”.  They are luxury homes.  They are very strong and safe homes.  They are affordable in terms of mortgage, insurance and maintenance.  You have to see them to believe it.

Activities in Gulfport, MS

Activities for all ages are available on the Gulf from being able to tour a shrimping boat trip to exploring the infinity science center.  Waterparks are always a great time for families during the season in addition to museums and the Center for Marine Education & Research.

There are so many things to do and see including:

  • Crooked Letter Brewing Company Tours
  • Bowling
  • Kayaking
  • Schooners
  • Airboat tours
  • Waterparks
  • Eco Tours
  • Railroad museum
  • Maritime research center
  • North star sailing charters
  • Museum of art
  • Paddle boarding
  • Zip lining
  • and much more…

Let’s not forget golf and fishing.  Any retiree would have an endless great time living well after a life of hard work.  What is there not to like about living on the Gulf Coast?


Gulport, Mississippi is located on the Gulf of Mexico. It is a hidden gem that is beginning to be discovered by people of all ages partly due to the affordability of housing, plethora of activities available and location.

  • The city population is close to 71,000 which is roughly 47% male and 52% female.
  • The total median household income remains at $38,000.
  • Home sales are increasing.

For those who are looking to relocate to Gulfport and find work, below are the most common occupations.

  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Food preparation and serving
  • Production
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Management

Couple Sitting on the Gulf

Gulfport is located so as to keep a comfortable 68 degree average temperature.  The average highs during the summer months June-Aug are 91 degrees.  September through December are perfect (average high 87, 79, 70, 63 respectively).  The average lows rarely dip below the 40’s.

Gulfport, MS offers everything you can ask for whether you are a young family or retirees looking to settle down and enjoy life.

Beautiful sunsets and good people are a priceless addition to a wonderful location.


Think of Mississippi for your New Home
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Think of Mississippi for your New Home
Think of Mississippi for your new home and enjoy the benefits of affordability, multitude of available activities and the location of this wonderful state.
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