Home Sites

Home Sites

Turtle Creek offers 248 Home Sites
With hundreds of new visitors streaming into the community each week to take advantage of the deals only Turtle Creek can offer on these uniquely well built new concrete homes.  Home sites are selling fast!  But, there are still plenty of new homes left before Phase 1 sells out.

Just under 40 percent of Turtle Creek is conservation land.  Therefore, the home owners can rest assured that their property value will be protected against any unsightly new developments being built in the future.

Click on the map to see which home site number best meets your needs, then drop by to see our sales agent and reserve yours.

Hurry! These new homes for sale are selling fast!

For an expanded view, click the map below (click the map a second time to close the expanded view):

Did You Know?

Turtle Creek has more green area as a percentage of the total development than any other community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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