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Gulfport Real Estate For Sale

Thriving home sales in Gulfport, MS may be your ticket to affordable real estate for sale coupled with an appreciating value.  While most of the U.S. still sees home prices as being “not affordable”, Mississippi is growing with attractive home prices.

The American dream of home ownership is alive and well in Turtle Creek Subdivision.

New concrete homeSafety is what you call a concrete home that not only can withstand some of the worst hurricane force winds on the coast, it is also a peace of mind knowing that your home is strong enough to last many years without being susceptible to mold, pests or high maintenance costs.

The key to concrete home strength is the high pressure concrete wall structure.  The walls are built using approximately 4,000 PSI concrete which is more than twice the PSI of 1,800 PSI block according to Concrete Building Concepts.    Concrete, steel, insulation and electrical conduit are all included when the walls are built.  The result is a very strong, resistant wall that will create one of the safest home structures in the country.

In addition, polystyrene allows for energy efficiency up to R-22.  This ensures that your home is and remains energy efficient keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

Other benefits offered by Turtle Creek concrete homes include:

  • Comfort through reduced noise
  • Pest resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Many more benefits

If you want to live the American dream of home ownership and feel it is out of your reach, consider Turtle Creek Subdivision.  Affordable homes that offer efficiency and safety.  Now is the time to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and affordable new homes for sale in Gulfport, MS.




Gulfport Real Estate For Sale
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Gulfport Real Estate For Sale
Gulfport, MS real estate offers new concrete homes at an affordable price. Now you can afford to retire in a new home with plenty of sunshine and activities.
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Turtle Creek Subdivision
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