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Located high and dry on O’Neal Road, between 49 and 605 in Gulfport, just east of Florence Gardens, Turtle Creek is taking the Mississippi Gulf Coast by storm, because the construction method used for all Turtle Creek New Homes combines reinforced steel, poured psi concrete and polystyrene to produce buildings capable of withstanding Category 5 hurricane winds. The roofs feature an engineered truss system that can withstand 155 MPH winds.

Tour this web site to find out why and use it to pick your favorite home site, then come see us. We’ll work with you to put together the combination of incentives and upgrades that’s perfect for you and within weeks you’ll be living free from worries about storm damage, high insurance costs and a host of other problems that plague homes built from sticks and bricks.



Toughest Homes Around

strong-concrete-exterior2Turtle Creek Homes RESIST…
• Hurricane force winds
• Fire
• Allergies (no VOCs, mold or mildew)
• Termites
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Strong AND Stylish!

dining-roomFrom the 10-foot ceilings to the spacious, airy living areas, these homes are so stylish it’s difficult to remember that you are standing in one of the toughest storm shelters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!
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Huge Monthly Savings!

energy-efficientInsurance costs for concrete homes are insanely low (as low as $80). In addition utility costs are the lowest you will find on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!
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Ultra Low Maintenance

strong-concrete-exteriorOur concrete homes require virtually no exterior maintenance and no exterior painting. They are one of the easiest homes to own which saves you time and money.
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Our Concrete Homes Have Insanely Low Insurance Costs

You'll pay less each month than renters do in most Mississippi Gulf Coast areas and you'll own your home.

Latest Homes For Sale

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